Our Story

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) hit the world in a matter of weeks and months. No one was ready because no one saw it coming. Fortunately, the research and technology already existed to help disinfect against the virus. That’s where we come in.

With our touchless spraying system and odorless, EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectant, we can rid your facility of 99.999% of bacteria and viruses. We want to help you safeguard the public and your staff.


What sets us apart?

Bright Ideas

A company staying current with the latest ideas in disinfecting against viruses.

Planet Care

A company that cares about our planet with food-grade chemicals.

We're Available 24/7

A company available for you anytime you need us - at the drop of a hat.

Customer Care

A company that cares about the customer and their needs.
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